I want to commend you for seeking to improve as an entrepreneur.

I asked a client during a recent coaching session, “Why are you in business coaching?”His response was honest and simple...

"I want to stop sucking at business."

Ultimately, he didn’t want to be a better at business for the sake of being in business.  He was going through the coaching process so that his entrepreneurial life wouldn’t be as difficult as it had been.
Maybe this resonates with you…

Here's Why I Can Make Your Business Better...

I have personally worked with over 400 entrepreneurs in my 2 decade career.  I’ve also taught thousands of entrepreneurs through my online business courses and reached millions of people around the world through my podcasts and sites.
You can, like many of my clients, get at least a 10X return on their investment in leadership coaching while making your job as entrepreneur easier to do each day.

My entrepreneurial experience ranges from a Dotcom era startup to building an online marketing agency, starting and selling a swimming pool service and remodeling company, and creating and selling information products and membership sites.

My professional experience is mainly serving B2B companies such as consultancies, agencies, and SaaS.  I’ve also helped develop leadership capabilities in B2C with a men’s grooming products company, a supplement company, and women’s apparel company — just to mention a few.

Who I Can Help

I am currently working with B2B service entrepreneurs only.

That means you have an agency, do consulting, or provide some high-value, high-cost service to businesses.

You must have majority ownership.  If you’re a cofounder, then the other founder(s) must participate in business coaching, too, or there will be limited impact within your business.

B2B is my specialty.

I have had the greatest success coaching B2B companies.  My expertise allows me to not only coach a B2B entrepreneur on the daily operations and leadership, but also on the ins-and-outs of marketing and sales for fast revenue generation.

I’ve helped several B2B companies add 7-figure growth in under a year while the founders were able to build a leadership team and take more time off for family, friends and fun.

Who I Can't Help

If you’re unwilling to invest in yourself or your team, I won’t be able to help you.

Coaching can, and often does, lead to additional investments you need to make in your business.  This could be time, money, or both.

If you’re not willing to be coached, I won’t be able to help.

It may sound odd that someone wants to hire me for business coaching, yet won’t participate fully in coaching, but it does happen.  This includes being honest with me and about what you truly want from your business.

If you’re not in a position to afford my services, I won’t take you as a client.

I’ve had prospects ask to be a client, but I knew my fee could put additional stress on the business and the founder’s mindset.  In those cases, I’ve given advice on steps to take to improve revenue and/or profits so they could get to the point of easily affording my services.

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